Zechs Merquise. High in pride plus personal loathing, lifestyle the life span to the soldier has taken ideal inner conflict inside Zechs

Zechs Merquise

  • A.C. 195
  • A.C. 196
  • MC-0017

Zechs Merquise

Real Life





Japanese Sounds

English Sounds



  • Milliardo Peacecraft
  • Their Lightning Baron/Count
  • Preventer Breeze
  • Cyrene Wind



Locks Colors

  • Platinum blond

Eyes Colors

  • Nile (Nail) azure

Delivery Date




  • Katrina Peacecraft (Grandmother)
  • Sabrina Peacecraft (Great-aunt)
  • Marticus Rex (Daddy)
  • Relena Peacecraft (Sibling)
  • Lucrezia Noin (Spouse)
  • Naina Peacecraft (Child)
  • Milou Peacecraft (Son)
  • Heero Yuy (Brother-in-law)

Enjoy Interests



  • Colonel (ounce)
  • Baron/Count (Romefeller)
  • Commander As Part Of Main (White Fang)

Mecha Piloted

Vessels Crewed


Filled with pride as well as personal loathing, lifestyle the life span to the soldier has had very good inside conflict inside Zechs. Regardless their standing when an excellent cellphone pilot, Zechs feels himself and his fathers ideals that he has betrayed. Because of their battles that are many that he thinks that he’s definitely not worthy towards their families label, since their lifetime as being a soldier contradicts their dad’s pacifistic ideals. It is revealed after Treize known him while „Milliardo Peacecraft” their significant label that Zechs taken care of immediately using ideal pity. Ttheir isn’t his exclusively conflict like their standing because „that Lightning Count/Baron” is actually place to your testing once conference Heero plus the remaining Gundam aircraft aircraft pilots. Once initially he battled at Heero, Zech’s is unacquainted with the very fact which he had been a 15-year-old boy like that he battled just like a veteran soldier. This person always was not nervous towards lose him self to their Gundam fit which will make oz that is suren’t obtain on the job this. Impressed with all the pilot that is young solve towards their objective to help keep their colonies trusted, aswell fighting to perfect piloting that Tallgeese, Zechs started to see him self since fragile realizing which he lacked absolutely the resolve inside lay a person’s lives at risk for a better cause. It inside conflict had been just what drove their motives while he struggled to get the balance anywhere between their previous identification since their daddy’s son, in addition to uncompromised warrior which he thought this person needed seriously to come to be. Your light-emitting diode him inside acquiring kicked from ounce and finally to be in control of each White Fang. Declaring war regarding the planet utilising the battleship Libra, their biggest goal through focusing on the planet earth would be to prevent mankind off combat both and also to posses their cousin Relena lead that the people in a fresh chronilogical age of comfort. But it had been another test that he wear him self in order to become per relentless warrior. It is really not that he accepts that he was once again defeated by Heero, and convinced that Heero and co until he fights Heero at the end of the series. Are with the capacity of undertaking his or her appropriate to comfort. Afterwards, that he pledged to carry on performing as being a warrior, but this particular duration towards maintaining comfort on earth, therefore subsequently fixing the relationship his a couple identities entering single.


Frozen Teardrop (Last)

As cadet that is young A.C. 186, Zechs Merquise had been preferred at Treize Khushrenada’s course to soldiers in the Victoria Academy towards indulge in a testing lead for the feasibility to cellphone fit corps. Along side Lucrezia Noin among others, that he adopted Treize’s way into the fight to Mogadishu, receiving one perfect as well as victory that is total. Because of the show of this cadets as of this fight, your deals, as ounce, had been applied more frequently with each Alliance for the struggle.

After a revolt in the fade Marius grow forced action, their cadets had been once more labeled towards services. But certainly one of Zechs’ fellow cadets, Elve Onegell, unmasked which he understood Zechs’ accurate identity- Milliardo Peacecraft. Son associated with the Alliance basic which light emitting diode that the destruction of this Sanc Kingdom, Elve shows Zechs it whereas wouldn’t rat down per „war buddy”, this person harbors hatred to the Peacecrafts. Through the occasions their ensuing fight on Marius Plant, both of the soldiers vanish, to not ever resurface up until ages future. Following this true aim, Treize then Zechs did actually try and conceal their previous connections.

Episode Zero

As part of A.C. 191, Zechs Merquise accepted their nickname, their „Lightning Count /Baron ” as he ended up being delivered for a Specials objective inside repress your terrorist company’s assault regarding the world Alliance base during the J.A.P. Part of your Pacific Ocean. Piloting the most recent model Aries mobile phone match, Zechs reported he exclusively required 1 minute inside crush each rebellion, suggesting „. This particular fight can end as soon as I secure. ” Treize, witnessing Zechs’ battle, commented in which Zechs had not been talk and that just he „fights including lightning. „

Each surviving terrorists retreated to their Darlian real estate. Zechs, making your protection regarding the base when you look at the arms concerning Treize, pursued them. One of many fleeing terrorists undergone Relena, that has wandered from the lady household, to took this girl hostage. Whilst thinking regardless she is likely to welche immediately, Relena wthetched the „capturing star”, that was Zechs approaching at his Aries. Just after their terrorist identified in which his hostage had been your girl that is darlian Zechs, recognizing Relena when their sibling, dismounted their cellphone fit. As the terrorist ended up being gloating regarding their success plus their capture of this present model Ares, Zechs shot their gun-wielding control. Then he permitted the person in order to flee, perhaps not desperate to destroy in-front to Relena. Zechs next started reminiscing concerning Relena’s very first actions, never realizing which he is even brandishing their weapon. Even though holstering their gun, Zechs reminded him self because he had abandoned his Peacecraft name and his father’s pacifistic ideals that he no longer had any right to even touch Relena. Then he addressed Relena when „princess” to expected this girl assuming this girl ended up being alright. Relena, bewildered as to the reasons this girl had been known as a princess, asked Zechs assuming he had been then the knight onet a dreadful dragon. Zechs responded which he hperd been a „prince of movie stars”, as well as kept.

Gundam Wing

Zechs along with his mask in.

In April seven, A.C. 195, Zechs dentro deded up being on the way inside planet at one jet that is supersonic this person 1st encountered Gundam pilot Heero Yuy making their lineage inside planet within the Wing Gundam included in process Meteor. Zechs involved Heero at your Leo then again had been forced for the latch on the Gundam to abandon his cellphone suit since it plunged aided by the Gundam in to the Pacific Ocean. Just after attempting and also failing continually to seek out your sunk Wing Gundam (because of Duo Maxwell along with his Gundam Deathscythe), Zechs started trying to find the cellphone fit this person can use inside battle using the Gundams for per playing field that is level. He had been finally introduced to your Tallgeese, that the ancestor of most suits that are mobile. He was involved with Operation Daybreak, in which OZ overthrew Alliance before he could pilot the suit. In each middle of the coup Zechs subsequently have their revenge through performing each commanding officer which light-emitting diode that the assault, Sanc Kingdom.

Immediately after in which, Zechs piloted their freshly obtained Tallgeese during the course of their try to destroy their Alliance’s head office within the Sanc Kingdom. But that Tallgeese’s dangerously higher thrust-rate became not exactly deadly for the Lightning Count, and then he ended up being obligated to retreat. During the ounce camp close to the Sanc Kingdom, Otto, Zechs’ right-hand male, took that the Tallgeese towards instructions plus crashed that it to the Alliance base, destroying that it as well as killing himself along the way.

Zechs matches Heero face-to-face the very first time.

Future, Zechs applied that the Tallgeese for re-match with all the Wing Gundam inside Siberia, just for his or her duel to be cut brief once woman Une threatened in order to capture along the colonies except if that the Gundam aircraft pilots surrendered. Physician J appeared in the monitors, providing their surrender rather. Zechs was shocked to find out that each pilot regarding the Wing Gundam had been only the best teen boy and also viewed inside even more surprise once the child self-detonated their Gundam as a result towards surrender. In a behave to chivalry, Zechs made a decision to stop their strike then authorized Gundam pilot Trowa Barton to recoup Heero’s human body plus escape. Later, Zechs quietly took separated that the Wing Gundam’s keeps then begun to secretly rebuild that it below OZ’s nose. Two months afterwards, Zechs discovered that each Heero is yet offered and alive him the rematch as part of Antarctica, what Heero accepted. Perhaps not attempting to accept charitable organisation at Zechs, Heero made a decision to pilot Trowa’s Gundam Heavyarms in the place of his very own. That rematch had been interrupted once again, our occasion through Relena, who discovered which Zechs is in fact the woman elderly cousin, Milliardo. Ounce’s research celebration descended to them plus Zechs travelled entering struggle Relena that is allowing together with Gundams aircraft pilots to flee.