3) Interference test with a piezo lighter near the transmitter, clicks of the lighter itself https://jiji.co.tz/cars/lexus-rx are heard, but no interference 5) From the fragment in paragraph 1. pure noise is subtracted in the CoolEdit program (Noise Plastic with a synthetic smell, it’s good that it quickly weathered. In general, the thing is not bad, everything works. – for simple staged video tasks (news on local TV channels, filming on video DSLR). But prof. the equipment operates in the UHF (FM, ultra-short wave) band, which is much better in terms of quality and immunity from interference. 1) Recording via a radio transmitter to a video camera, distance 5 m For comparison, Sennheiser costs about $900, Azden is considered the cheapest $400. For particularly demanding applications, this system is unlikely to be suitable due to background noise, lack of frequency settings and anti-jamming protection.

WM-300 Wireless Headset/Clip-on Microphone Transmitter

The sound is very good, there is no background noise. But you need to listen to the video camera with headphones, because. there is no interference protection. I bought a minijack adapter separately at a local store. The directivity of the microphones is convenient for outdoor work. I decided to try this radio microphone system.
Included in the kit: a lavalier microphone with a clothespin, a head microphone, a radio transmitter with a belt clip, a receiver with an antenna, a 3.5mm jack-minijack audio cable. The buttonhole is much better than the Audiotechnika ATR35 I once bought (for $30 only the buttonhole itself) with mediocre sound quality and eternally dead batteries. The sound from the radio is received with background noise. Where to apply it: – for presenters (various morning performances, school productions, any special events)
I didn’t expect any special quality from the system at such a price. For amateur tasks, where it is unlikely to pay off, it is necessary to look for cheaper options. I have always been partial to television and video production. However, the quality of the microphones turned out to be very pleasing. Although the microphones themselves sound pretty decent when connected directly. It is strange that the Chinese did not use the FM band, because FM transmitters are produced. 2) Same as in step 1, but next (1 m) the TV is turned on (the volume is below average to simulate the surrounding background) The declared range of 50 m is too high, on new batteries the reception quality is normal in a radius of 15-20 m in direct line of sight. Extraneous sounds are captured weakly, the voice is written clearly, i.e. There are several fragments in the audio file: Unfortunately, high-quality professional equipment is very expensive. I haven’t planted it in two days of use. 4) The lavalier is connected directly to the video camera. — at various lectures, seminars, master classes, etc. When microphones are directly connected to https://tonaton.ng/s_20-dressers the camera, the sound is clear and good.
The instructions say that https://tonaton.co.ke/s_263-security-doors the system operates in the VHF band (the frequency is indicated on the case 201.6 Mhz). The receiver uses 2 AAA micro-finger batteries, the transmitter uses 9V (Kron type).

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