At the end of a successful operation, it will provide you with a detailed report of the adapter model, manufacturer, and the issue that occurred. So, this Driver installer is easy to use, saving you the headache of selecting option upon option or having to dive into directories you might not be familiar with.

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Bluetooth Driver Installer simplifies all user efforts of navigating the app by introducing a wizard. As such, it’s effortless to operate, as the app will detect your hardware and perform all necessary installations by itself. You can run Bluetooth Driver Installer on all Windows versions, from Vista to Windows 10. It comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for your convenience. The software is free from malware and viruses, as proven by tests from LO4D.

I want to display another device’s screen on my PC screen in Windows 10. All in all, Bluetooth Driver Installer is a handy freeware utility. It’s lightweight, simple, and streamlined enough not to pose any issues for users.

An often-noted issue with Bluetooth Driver Installer is that the developer uses the installation process to make changes to your computer. It will set your browser homepage and install toolbars and other similar bloatware. You may opt-out, but these settings are enabled by default. The installation entails a driver download set of specific steps, including hardware changes scanning and creation of restore point. If your PC is older, you may even need to reboot several times.

  • Because you have to work at it to hurt yourself using RAPR, you needn’t feel compelled to make a restore point before cleaning up your driver store.
  • But because I’m a "belt-and-suspenders" kind of guy, I’ve gotten in that habit just in case I accidentally remove something it turns out I really need.
  • You can always reload that restore point from the repair/recovery media for your OS if you wind up with a failing or unbootable machine after a too-aggressive clean-up.
  • Of course, its not something that makes me want to update my system from 1909, but at least its a start.

Even if it does, its wizards will seamlessly run you through the process. It works with most adapters, creates restore points, and informs you all the way through. Although its services aren’t perfect, it’s an excellent tool to have on your belt. The fact is, this app could be portable and without installation, so it seems that the process serves as a chance to distribute bloatware. This is a common practice, especially for free applications. Be sure to stay aware of what you’re accepting when you install programs like this on your computer.

What drivers are required for Windows 10

You can rest assured that Bluetooth Driver Installer is safe for use on your computer. It will work with most, but not all, Bluetooth adapters. For added security, it will create restoration points before making changes to the system.

Significant Factors In Updating Drivers Clarified

The LMP number shows the version of Bluetooth your PC is using. Verify that the Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy no longer shares COM port with any other device. To change this, select the Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy device, right click and select properties. Click ‘install’ when you are asked if you want to install the BLE Driver. The installer will guide you through the installation process and tell you to reboot once it is finished. There is a DirectX installation error while installing or playing a game.