Photoshop offers a unique tool called sky overlay, which creates a surreal environment while also enhancing your photos. It was introduced by Macromedia which is an Adobe company. Following the launch, Adobe started offering it to all users as part of their product. After the demand for it became high, Adobe made it open to everyone and it is available to all for download.

Sky Overlay For Photoshop Collection includes a variety of sky overlays that can be used in Photoshop actions. They can be used on any kind of image. The sky you are about to overlay is selected by using the Move sky toolbar. There are a variety of sky types that can be supported, such as sun, clouds and sunsets wedding showers fireworks, satellite images, and fireworks.

There is an option for both circular and square selections in the Move sky dialog box. After selecting a choice, a corresponding overlay cloud is automatically created. To alter the color of a cloud, you can click it. You can also use a sky overlay to make the sky completely blue. A square selection is like choosing a square cloud, and the circle selection is similar to choosing a circle cloud.

Sky overlay packs consist of photos, text clouds, text, and other elements. Text Overlay is the most popular option for sky overlays in photoshop actions. This option allows you to overlay text from many sources. You can also select the size, font type and color as well as the design, size of the text, location, and transparency options. A sky overlay pack usually includes text for specific keywords or terms such as weather, sky conditions landmarks, weather, etc. A sky overlay pack can also include photos of natural landscapes.

Sky overlays Volume Two editing is the second option available in the sky overlays in Lightroom. Volume two editing is sky overlays for lightroom identical to the first. This option lets you add photos, text or clouds. This feature allows the user to create complex graphic selections of text.

The sky overlay stock photo is the third option. You can choose an sky background using a selection tool, or type in a value. The selected area will be the background of your photo. A sky overlay stock photo can be combined with other types of sky effects to create intricate designs of clouds.

There are a variety of other types of sky effects. They are the following sky with cloud photo overlays, fog sun with gradient sun with grid, lightning bolt cloud with pattern, cloud with tic sun with grid pattern clouds with gradient, random cloud snow, ice and snow satellite and airplane images, foggy day, sun with grid pattern, foggy day with random color patterns. These sky effects can be applied to any image. You can apply them to any photo by selecting the desired effect from the Photo Shop Photoshop effects drop-down menu. Photoshop will ask you if you would like to create a Preset that includes all the effects. Click the Browse button to find and choose a suitable sky overlay for your photo.

The blue overlay is a different option for sky overlays. Blue overlays can be used for enhancing and contrast photos where blue is the main light source. To get this effect to work, you will need to select a blue filter that gives you an image with shades of blue similar to the sky. This effect can also be achieved by using a blue filter that has an appearance similar to the runways of airports or the jacket of an snow skier. You can either undo the action after saving the blue overlay, or you can save it to your photo until you are satisfied with the outcome.

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