Natsu wound up joining Fairy End, in which he molded a near, sibling-such as competition with Grey Fullbuster and you will Erza Scarlet

Once waking up, Natsu remaining to your a quest to acquire Igneel and you can was fundamentally found from the Guild Grasp out of Fairy End: Makarov Dreyar. He was and shown to be toward a great conditions having Lisanna Strauss and you will Elfman Strauss shortly when they arrived to the fresh guild.

Someday, Natsu discover a keen egg regarding forest east out-of Magnolia. Considering it to be a good Dragon Eggs, Natsu got it toward guild and you may requested Makarov making they hatch, however, Makarov and you may Erza advised your which he was the actual only real one that can make this new eggs hatch; using like and you will care and attention. Lisanna available to let Natsu look after the eggs up to they hatched, to which Natsu happily accepted. The two founded an excellent shabby straw household regarding park in order to support the egg enjoying, is most close-in the procedure.

Next early morning, Natsu discovered that the new eggs is actually shed, and you will started initially to fault some of their guildmates. After arguing which have just about everyone about Guild and you may almost undertaking a struggle with Mirajane, Elfman checked, holding new eggs, outlining he simply wanted to let, but is too embarrassed to ask. Abruptly, the eggs hatched and you will a bluish pet which have wings showed up. Lisanna remarked on the newest abrupt improvement in the brand new guild’s atmosphere shortly after the new cat’s birth, prompting Natsu to mention the newest pet Happy.

Many years enacted and you may Lisanna partook through to an S-Classification jobs together with her siblings, in which she are supposed to appear an animal entitled “The fresh Beast”. Natsu wished to fit into your, however, Elfman opposed, when he noticed he ought to be the you to definitely take care away from his family relations. Lisanna was occur to killed of the Elfman throughout the their attempt at the taking across the monster. Even in the event Natsu forgave him, he had been greatly saddened by the experience.

Lucy’s Record [ ]

Lucy came into this world with the just after very wealthy and strong Heartfilia family relations. The lady parents were originally section of a beneficial merchants’ guild entitled ‘Love Lucky’ where in fact the several satisfied; they made a decision to end up being separate when Lucy’s mommy, Layla, turned expecting. They chose the lady identity after they realized that the fresh sign to own the fresh new guild try destroyed the fresh new letter “K”, and you may alternatively see ‘Love Lucy’; they generated an opinion in it, indeed there getting it age the daughter immediately after it.

Back into their house, Lucy common an excellent relationship with the employees about estate along with, presumably, her mother, up to she died when Lucy is within the age ten in X777. Lucy turned into taken and depressed immediately after this lady mom’s demise whenever you are their dad is very obsessed with his team and money and eventually, he had forgotten his girl for a long time, which then led this lady to hightail it from your home only more a-year before start of facts.

Relationship [ ]

Natsu and you may Lucy express among the nearest relationship among the many members of Fairy Tail, the deep bond stemming on fact that Natsu was this new you to accountable for Lucy joining the fresh guild. Both wound up forming a group and just have become lovers, next to Delighted, which go towards jobs together with her. It daily link up having Erza Vivid red, Gray Fullbuster, and soon after, Wendy Natsu.

When you’re Lucy tend to gets irked from the Natsu’s destructive and you will spontaneous characteristics, the woman is along with considerably captivated by the their childish antics, finding it to be charming. Far to this lady chagrin, Natsu apparently falls by the girl home unannounced, and you may periodically drops sleeping in her place, or on her behalf bed, when looking forward to the lady. Some times, Natsu comically phone calls Lucy ‘weird’ if in case she really does otherwise says some thing that’s strange of the their standards, which leads to Lucy incredulously citing that he’s this new more strange one out of both of them. This lady has adult use to having Natsu to from day to night and you may try remaining when you look at the rips when he leftover their to have an excellent season. She profoundly overlooked him and it has expressed outrage with your having perhaps not realising how much his decision hurt her. Whilst he was gone, she would believe she spotted your in the a large group of men and women or manage anticipate him to settle the girl room including constantly. Even with getting reunited which have him, and appearing the girl glee, she still kept good grudge facing him for their steps and you can in the some point experienced your over it, whilst the blushing, in advance of Juvia disrupted her or him.

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