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The player can get into the role of the Night Crow , or the Light Fang . To get into the world, the player may select to play as a girl to a boy. The player has to manipulate the world from an isometric perspective, fulfill his quests, earn experience points and unearth the mystery behind the tremors. The game offers a different environment that the player has to navigate to fight against enemies, bosses, etc.

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Incendiary Blast costs 90 mil and lets you make things EXPLODE. Unless they weigh too much in which case they just take good damage. Also you can for cheaper just shoot things with damage beams, and also you get 2 10ths. Enhanced Strength and Agility costs 135 mil and gives you +10 dex, +10 agility, and + strength plus 5 per level. Energy Cocoon costs 145 mil and lets you create an energy cocoon around yourself which lets you fly up to 714 mph, with riders, acts as a shield, and also shoot people with energy bolts.

  • You can stuff up to two people in there for up to 24 hours, as long as they don’t exceed the weight limit.
  • You can also earn credits when you beat campaign and events.
  • By June 22nd, by buying the Zodiacs’ Silver version, players can both fill up the Zodiacs Card and Silver Zodiacs Card at the same time.
  • In fact, it lets you „fabricate a useable weapon from available materials”.

Here they learn to shoot normal bows and arrows, and also magic arrows. They practice a specialized form of earthpower to make magic arrows and shit! No, really, „Most are artists as well as warriors, their steady hands working surely with brushes and pigment.” They don’t get any sort of skill for this, though, becuase there don’t seem to be any art skills in the skill list. They also get SPECIAL ADAPTATIONS, rolling 1d4 on a chart identical to the Amazon studies chart except it says „Aquarian Adaptions” over it instead of „Amazon Studies”. The column which tells you many you get even refers to them as „Studies”. Heat Vulnerability, making them take double damage from fire and all forms of energy attacks, one inherent 10th of damage protection, and they also get the Swimming, Advanced skill on top of Skills For All Guild-Trained Adventureres.

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For the Thirtieth and Fortieth level song list, we are told that they just use the Mage Warrior lists. Control of Wind which lets them fly up to 100 mph, and carry themselves and 200 pounds plus 10 pounds per level of stuff. It is also listed as a wide beam attack but has no mention of how to use it offensively. They can tell if you’re gonna be a Shaman when you’re born, becuase you’re pretty and don’t cry. One of the things they learn there is how to control wind to fly, which the class got as a birthday present or somethign from Space Jesus.