Use product images from the site if possible. You’ll never be able to get those crisp product images on your iPhone camera. When I have an item to sell, I’ll look at the brand and find a defining characteristic or two and do a google image search. Something like, “J.Crew Polka Dot Mini Dress” and I’ll search until I find a nice image of a model in my item. I find this works wayyyy better than a picture of your item on a hanger. I use multiple model pics from different angles if I find them, but always include an image of the actual item at the bottom.

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Ebay, Mercari, Poshmark, Facebook Sales In One Spreadsheet Excel Google Sheets Report With Totals Charts Multi Marketplace

Even though you are making a trade, the Poshmark app requires the item to be sold and $3 is the general price. Tap on the text field beneath “Listing Price” and your number keyboard will appear. Now that you are looking at the listing details for this item, you should see a large “Edit” button in the top right corner of the app. Browse the homepage, also known as the feed, to look for an item you are willing to trade for Poshmark download apk. You can also use the “Shop” function to search for specific items.

  • I’ve passed on other money-making side hustles because I knew I wouldn’t like them, even if they were profitable.
  • Be sure to ship within a timely fashion and describe your item and any, ANY, potential flaws it may have.
  • Gen Z’s Poshmark hauls are microcosms of their closets — fast fashion and luxury sit side-by-side.
  • It doesn’t even make sense that they give $5 dollars credit when shipping is $6.49 it’s better not to even use a referral code.
  • The key here is to not only follow them but to also engage with them.

These are also items that definitely qualify to be listed as “Retail”. The difference between Retail and NWT listings is basically where you bought the item from. If you bought the item from a retail store, it is NWT. But if you buy the item from a wholesaler or a fashion supplier that sells to businesses for resale, the item qualifies as “Retail”.

Poshmark Does Charge Sellers A Fee

When you go to follow people, you follow those same people again. The last option on this window of the control panel is the continuous loop limit option. This is where you can enter how many times you’d like this program to share your closet. So once you’ve loaded your entire closet you can leave it set to 0 or enter 2 or more and it will share your closet X amount of times in a row.