Those who want to dig deeper can take advantage of features like groups, tagging, commenting, geotagging, social sharing, printing, and even statistics. Flickr also provides Web-based editing for cropping and things like red-eye removal. The benefits of storing and sharing your photos on a dedicated photo storage site are clear.

  • The added controls within Adobe Photoshop Camera for making adjustments are what I would consider pretty basic but you do get access to an auto-fix option.
  • If you’re unsure how your images are affecting your page speed, I recommend using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.
  • If you’re completely new to image editing, you’ll appreciate the GIMP tutorials which are handily divided into categories, from beginner to expert.
  • On Drive, if the person you want to share with has a Google Account, it’s shared with that account exclusively.
  • ” The answer to that isno—at least not the full version you’ll find on other platforms.
  • You can rotate and crop images, fix skewed lines with the Perspective filter, and adjust the white balance of your images.

Google Photos is an amazing service to sync and backup all your photos and videos from your computer and mobile devices. When it comes to doing a data transfer, Google Photos makes it easy as long as you’re moving photos from one Google account to another. However, with third-party cloud-to-cloud management services — like MultCloud or CloudHQ — you can also transfer photos to an album outside Google Workspace. If you are looking for an alternative to Google Photos, then you should read our article on the best online storage solutions for photos.

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You can even combine up to 11 photos to create a single photomontage of your best shots. The app’s features can rival those you’ll find on a full-featured desktop app. It has 29 tools and filters, including advanced options such as healing, brightness curves, tonal contrast, and automatic image tuning. Snapseed is Google’s in-house professional photo editing app.

Deb has been using Organizer since Day 1, when it didn’t use maps, so she just developed her own keywords and has never stopped. If you want to use place categories and not Organizer’s mapping system, you can download Deb’s place tags here and import them into your catalog! You can easily add a border to your images to give it a more professional look. Editing the images gives you the ability to add a professional touch to your presentations and documents. I agree with Paul tho – it seems much more novelty type of thing.

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You can crop, sharpen, and distort your pictures, adjust curves and add borders, remove spots, and apply automatic enhancements too. Polarr doesn’t try and copy absolutely everything that Photoshop has on offer, but it’s a more slimmed down and polished product that might suit your photo-editing needs better. You’re not going to get the same pixel-by-pixel control as you do in the full Creative Cloud package but then this does cost an awful lot less—nothing at all, in fact. It’s worth giving it a test run and seeing if it’s capable enough to meet your image editing needs before committing to a monthly fee. is a drawing application with lots of powerful features for creating manga or comics.