Among the scheduled games on CBS are an AFC Wild Card showdown, AFC divisional playoff contests, and the AFC Championship. The company also recently announced that Prime Video has received the exclusive rights to stream the NFL’s Dec. 26 game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. It has a deal with the NFL that will enable it to stream a Jan. 10 wild-card playoff game shown on CBS and Nickelodeon. There are tons of different ways to stream, and someone else with a lot of experience may come across these instructions and say “BuT yOu’Re DoInG iT wRoNg!! But the instructions here work for us, and we hope they’ll be helpful for others looking to start their own stream. But if you want to add some extra flair to your stream, check out the services at,, and You can buy templates to dress up your streams or acquire free versions.

  • You will need an Amazon Prime subscription to claim this offer.
  • Twitch staff said that the increased delay was likely temporary and at the time, was an acceptable tradeoff for the decrease in buffering.
  • This left the previous record of 245,000, held by Faker aka Lee Sang-Hyeok (a three-times League of Legends world champion), dead in the water.
  • In some cases, developers have even used wallpaper apps to sneak malware past Google Play’s defenses.

Just like moving furniture around can give your bedroom a full-on Feng shui tune-up, a slight shift of your home screen can inject new life into your old phone. You don’t even need to download anything to do it—just head over to display settings on your phone and check out the options. Depending on your phone, you’ll be able to adjust the size of the grid, add or remove notification badges, hide apps, ditch the navigation bar, or bring back the old-school apps button. It’ll pale in comparison to a new launcher, but sometimes a new view is all you really need. Finally, review all the settings for the Microsoft Launcher to see if you want to make any further adjustments.

How To Enable Dark Mode For Google Photos App On Android

After streaming I went into my Twitch and, MUCH TO MY DISMAY AND COMPLETE HORROR BECAUSE I DON’T STREAM CRAP QUALITY, my stream must have been in 720p. The PS5 HD cam quality is also grainier than my laptop webcam. If it says Blocked Scene, then it usually means the developer don’t allow that particle scene to be streamed. It’s in a lot of games, and makes the PS4/PS5 streaming feature almost pointless. This guide is just the beginning of your Twitch journey and we’re so glad to see you on your way!

If you can get fiber internet where you live, go for it. Fiber is a newer technology that doesn’t suffer from the higher latency and other speed performance issues that cable and DSL have. If you’re starting out, you should check out Twitch’s recommendations for your setup. The speeds you need depend on what quality you aim for with your livestream. We mainly looked at resolution and framerate for GPU encoding here, but you’ll also want to consider keyframe intervals and more. If we were to pick an ISP on reputation alone, we’d pick Verizon Fios Home Internet. You’ll need at least 25 Mbps to watch the Baudelaire orphans outsmart the wily Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix in full 4K glory.

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The second will only turn the microphone on when you push a key. To change which key it is, click on the setting highlighted above, and then hit the key you want to use. Hit the “OK” button, and all your settings will be automatically saved. Now any game you launch within Steam will automatically begin broadcasting.

In addition to professional-grade editing tools and beautiful presets, it’ll give you total control over ISO, focus, shutter speed, and white balance when shooting. The art of “iPhoneography” is no longer something to laugh at.

The app also allows you to shoot and process RAW images directly from your phone. The simple interface and great syncing features of Adobe Lightroom CC, a cloud-based tool, makes it easy for you to manage and edit your photos from anywhere. It has many features, including RAW photo support, presets, and advanced editing tools. You can download and edit photos for free but you have to pay for advanced features and photo syncing for example. This editing app focuses on turning photos and videos into tilt-shift works of art. If you’ve never worked with tilt-shift photography before and want some support, TiltShift Video can be a great help.