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This may not seem like too big of a deal at first, but it means you won’t be straining your thumb just to hit those far-away buttons. The two-button variant is what you’ll likely be using for normal, day-to-day PC operations, or perhaps first-person shooters where reaction times matter more than having loads of extra buttons. Both mice were designed from the ground up with MOBA and MMO gamers in mind, and that focus shows in their respective feature sets. Like many of Logitech’s modern gaming mice, the G604 Lightspeed houses a 16,000 DPI sensor, so it’s ideal for any title that demands lightning-fast reflexes. The sensor also offers smooth, consistent tracking across a wide variety of surfaces. All in all, the MX Master 3 is a fairly straightforward upgrade over the excellent MX Master 2S and is the best you can get in this category.

But beyond that, it’s hard not to feel like we’ve seen this design before — and, as I pointed out in my G502 Wireless review, there have been better mouse designs since then. The VictSing Pioneer features nearly everything a productivity user could want for a great price. The back/forward buttons are average, but nobody can expect them to be amazing, especially not for $36. If only the VictSing Pioneer utilized the same tactile silent switches that the left and right clicker used for the sake of uniformity. But for the price and the inclusion of a rare feature, the VictSing Pioneer is one of the best productivity mice on the market.

It feels sturdy but still moves across most surfaces with ease. If you’re already invested in the Corsair ecosystem and want a tunable mouse, the Nightsword RGB will fit the bill.

To be clear, the tilt is not nearly as extreme as other ergonomic mice, but it’s still a nice touch. Flow won’t necessarily appeal to everyone, but for those who work with multiple machines at the same time , it can be invaluable. In Hyper Scroll mode you get free-scrolling for lengthy articles or documents, and the second, "Ratchet Mode," grants users a more standard, click-to-click scrolling experience. The mouse is also ambidextrous, which is surprisingly uncommon among top-tier enthusiast-grade mice. We should note that both the DeathAdder and the G502’s RGB lighting can be tweaked via software, and your options will be about the same no matter which you choose. While the mouse might look somewhat imposing, it’s not going to prove cumbersome thanks to its weight of 100 grams.

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Instead of discarding the features that made its predecessor great, Logitech has wisely left well enough alone and improved upon several aspects of the device where possible. The MX Master 3 also impresses with its comfortable, ergonomic shape. In addition to its spacious left-facing thumb rest, the MX Master also has a slightly tilted design, which aims to keep your wrist and palm in a more natural position, ideally reducing hand strain.

Otherwise, the G502 is still the way to go for wired models. Whether the Nightsword is an homage or a copycat largely depends on how much you like its extra bells and whistles. The lighting is a little more robust than the G502, there’s more textured surface area and the mouse overall is a bit bigger.