We recommend playing with a physical controller for best results, though. The game is also perpetually on sale so you can most likely pick it up for less than its $7.99 asking price. Crashland is already among the best adventure games from 2016. The game starts with you crashing onto an alien planet. Your job is to retrieve your cargo, build yourself a base, fight bad guys, and save the world.

See if your vehicle is good to go by checking tire pressure, oil life and more — all at a glance. Confirm your trip has apk2apps.net ended so we know you returned your car on time. We’ll walk you through some reminders about how to end your trip and you’ll be all set. Things just got a whole lot better in the Zipcar mobile app. We’ve made some exciting new updates to make booking, managing, and ending your trip quick and easy. Our APIs communicate directly with the embedded cellular modem built into most vehicles—no need for aftermarket hardware like OBD-II dongles.

Minecraft: Story Mode

If you already own a capable Android phone and just want to view apps on a larger screen or use a keyboard and mouse as input, then you can use a mirroring and remote control tool. The software lets you mirror and control your Android device with your computer. This means you can also run apps and control them directly through your PC.

It’s a bit of steep price for a game of this type, but when the final product is this good, I’m more than happy to support indie developers. is a fun and surprisingly cute number-based puzzle game where your goal is to swipe around the grid and match like numbers. You have to be strategic because if you fill-up the board and run out of moves it’s game over! It’s a simple game, but man can you spend hours trying to master it. Bridge Constructor is a great physics-based puzzle game in its own right, but this spin-off takes the concept and adds in all the wacky elements from Portal and Aperture Laboratories. There are 60 test chambers to complete using portals, along with propulsion and repulsion gels all while avoiding deadly lasers, pits of acid, and sentient turrets.

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This multi-app approach creates frustration for users and potentially results in missed use opportunities and a perceived lack of value. The first onboard systems running on Google’s Android Automotive OS are now being released. Volvo’s electrified XC40, Polestar 2 and future Polestar models will feature an infotainment experience powered completely by Google. Auto Assistant works for any vehicle currently registered in the State of Tennessee. Auto Assistant even tracks and manages recall alerts for your vehicle and will inform you of a vehicle recall.

  • It did trigger a malicious file warning in Kaspersky, but reviews from long-time users claim that this emulator doesn’t contain any malware.
  • Because of this, you won’t find any modded APKs, pirated apps, or paid apps on the site.
  • base-es.apk is a small file of just 5.3 KB, and it only contains the string resources for the Spanish language.
  • Yes, the concept is new and it seems that customers appreciate it.